West Virginia Nurses Association

Personal Benefits - don't miss out!

Posted 7 months ago by Julie Huron

Are you taking advantage of the ANA/WVNA Personal Benefit discounts?  If you are not - you are missing out!

We have been using Booking Community for travel reservations (take care of everything with one call).  You can reserve online or call and take care of your carry on bags / checked bags, seat assignments, and coordinating travel with others...the best part is the rates are FANTASTIC!

Check out the student loan refinancing with Common Bond & SAVE!  ANA & WVNA have partnered with CommonBond, a leading student lender, to help you save money through student loan refinancing.  CommonBond saves their members $24,046 on average1 and ANA/WVNA members get $300 cash back from CommonBond when you refinance!