West Virginia Nurses Association

Rest up - there will not be a WVNA call tonight!

Posted 4 months ago

The Legislative Session over, and we will take a break from calls tonight 3/12/19.
Our next calls are:
  • Mar 19 - WVNA Quarterly Board Meeting 7-9pm
  • Mar 26 - WVNA Legislative Education Event.  This will be a wrap up of the 2019 Legislative Session, offering education on the process of getting involved with planning our next legislative agenda & reviewing our HP & L statement.  Details will be forthcoming. 
  • April 2 - HP &L Committee
  • April 16 - WVNA Monthly Call 
Thank you for your membership, your contributions to the Lobbyist fund and for your voice!   We continue to grow, and it's because of YOU!  
Warmest regards,