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Posted 19 days ago by Julie Huron


HB 2368 - Mylissa’s Law has passed out of the Senate Health and Human Resources Committee. It now goes to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Please call the Senate Judiciary Committee and ask that they put HB2368 on the agenda ASAP so that it can be moved to the Senate Floor for a vote.  Senator Trump is the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair his number is 304 357-7880.  Please call in the morning before 11am tomorrow, April 2nd. 

Click here for the Senate Judiciary Committee

HB2796West Virginia Nurses Assocation supports HB2796 and encourage WV Nurses to call the Senate Finance Committee tomorrow morning April 2, 2021 before 11am. 

The WVNA Supplemental Appropriation bill is in the Senate Finance Committee, the goal is to appropriate funding for a Nurses assisting Nurses Program.
  • HB2796 passed the House of Delegates with 97 votes
  • We are requesting the Senate Finance Committee place this legislation on their agenda
  • This bill expires $200,000 from the Board of Registered Professional Nursing fund (revenues come from nurse licensure fees)
  • The bill appropriates $200,000 for a Nurses Assisting Nurses program that will help WV Nurses who had to take leave without pay due to COVID
  • Remind the Senate Finance Committee that this bill does not utilize taxpayer dollars
  • Funding is from cash surplus Nurse Licensure fees that are currently, more than what is needed to operate the board
  • Remind the Senate Finance Committee that detailed information has been emailed to them from our government relations consultant, referencing HB2796

The Chair for the Senate Finance Committee is Senator Eric Tarr  (304) 357-7901.  Contact WVNA at if you need assistance identifying your representatives, but please act, this affects all WV Nurses!

Click here for the Senate Finance Committee